Jacky Johnson

Stock Planner & Controller

As an ambitious professional, it is my mission to team with a company that shares my dedication for growth and advancement. I bring a passion for creating solutions and a passion for innovation through team collaboration. I feel pretty fortunate to have met such awesome, quirky people, many of whom have become more than work-mates. Ups, downs and sideways, I’ve worked with incredibly supportive people who always make me laugh. It’s these friendships that make my job so much easier.

There are many of us who aren’t always sure what it is that makes our hearts sing. To discover the answers might feel scary, and that’s okay. It might even require major changes to make it happen. For those searching, these are the things I have learned from my own quest to find more meaning: be patient and kind to yourself.

It’s great to be a part of a company where you feel trusted and valued.

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